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The Westell 2100/2200/6100s supplied by BellSouth are also routers. This eliminates the need for another external wireless router in order to network your computers. Using a simple Wireless Access Point (WAP) with the Westell enables an inexpensive way to share your connection that is easy to set up and very reliable.

This FAQ provide generalized information about setting up a BellSouth configured Westell 2100/2200/6100 (Models A90-210030-04, B90-220030-04 and B90-610030-06/C90-610030-06, respectively) with most of the popular Wireless Access Points available today. Other Westell models are different and this FAQ does not apply. This FAQ is also specifically for Wireless Access Points. Some wireless routers may have the capability to function as an access point or bridged wireless device, but that configuration is beyond the scope of this FAQ.

Section 1 - General Information

Position the WAP in the center of the network, as high as possible, and preferably with a line of sight to all networked PCs.
Most manufacturers recommend you position the antenna perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other.
Many people recommend using a USB network adapter instead of PCI. It is easier to remotely mount the USB adapter away from the computer and as high as possible for better reception.
All PC NICs should all be set to "Obtain IP Address Automatically". Please reference this FAQ. Any changes to the NIC properties may require you to reboot the computer.
The BellSouth Installation CD and Connection Manager are not required to use this configuration.
Since BellSouth assigns static IPs via your username the configurations shown are applicable to both dynamic and single static IP customers.
If you have not purchased any networking equipment, it is suggested you buy a wireless router instead of a WAP. Wireless routers are more popular and in many cases cheaper and easier to find. They usually also include more advanced router features than the standard Westell modem.
Standard wireless routers can also be configured and wired to function as a WAP. The most common method is to wire the ethernet cable from the Westell into a LAN (not WAN) port on the wireless router. That will bypass the typical router functions and allow you to use the wireless and switch functions only. On some routers you may have to change the routers IP address. Consult your wireless router user guide for specific information.
It is highly recommended that you press the reset button on the back of the modem (while powered on) to put it back factory default before proceeding.

Section 2 - Physical Connection

Step 1
Verify that your NIC card is set to "Obtain IP Address Automatically". Power down the Westell, WAP, and all PCs. Install the wireless network adapter(s) per the manufactures' instructions. Physically connect the Westell and WAP as shown. Note: Some WAPs may require a crossover cable instead of a standard Cat5 wire between the LAN port on the Westell and the Uplink port. A hub or a switch can also be connected in conjunction with the WAP to provide wired and wireless networking.

Westell 2100 shown. Pictures by Andy Houtz

Step 2
Power up the Westell, WAP, and all PCs. Verify that you have a connection (check the link status light) between the WAP and all computer wireless NICs. Open a browser session to access the Westell Interface and enter "" or "launchmodem" in the address field. If you are unable to access the interface check the NIC properties as mentioned earlier.

Step 3
Enter your BellSouth Username using the username@bellsouth.net format and then enter your password. Confirm your password. Click the Connect button to connect to the Internet. If you do not have the Easy Login button available reset the modem as described above and start over. You're done!

Andy Houtz

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