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All Ontario & Quebec DSL ISP's use G.DMT.
G.Lite is not implemented.

All modems that Sympatico provides have both ethernet and USB interfaces, however only one interface can be used at a time.

For an additional fee or contract committment, you can receive the optional Speedstream 6300 which is a DSL modem, 5-port wired router, wireless router, all-in-one unit.

Modems that have been offered now or in the past:

Ethernet Only Modems:
- Alcatel SpeedTouch Home (Discontinued)
- Efficient Networks SpeedStream 5260 / 5360 (Discontinued)
- Efficient Networks SpeedStream 6520 [4 port Ethernet, wireless, no USB]
- 2Wire 2700 [4 port Ethernet, wireless, no USB]
- 2Wire 2701 [4 port Ethernet, wireless, no USB]
- 2Wire 2710HG-G Router

USB/Ethernet Modems:
- Efficient Networks SpeedStream 5200/5242/4200 [Single Ethernet + USB]
- Efficient Networks SpeedStream 6300 [5 port Ethernet, wireless, and 1 USB]

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