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VDSL: Very high bit-rate DSL - This is the fastest of xDSL technologies (45mbps) but only works only over a very short distance (approximately 4000 feet or 1200m). Bell is using this technology to allow customers in multiple-dwelling units (MDU's) to get ExpressVu television in places where it is not feasible, desireable, or allowed to install a satellite dish.

Internet speeds are not offered any faster than standard residential ADSL offerings. The majority of the bandwidth is used to deliver television signals. Here is an example of the equipment used: » ··· ctID=365

You will find this service in a select few high-rise or high-density residential developments in major cities, usually condominiums.

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  • Does anyone now how to install Hotspot Shield, when I am already on vpn with max 16. I keep getting an error message, then the internet connection from sympatico gets disconnected. As a result, I am not able to utilize Hotspot shield. I have to uninstall, inorder to get the sympatico connection reconected. Do I have to configure Home Network Summary at bell website? Please help, thanks!

    2009-03-21 14:35:20 (axemanII See Profile)

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