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E240 v2

Username: admin or bcadmin
Password: admin or bcadmin

Bell is sending out new modems with PPPoE enabled. The IP address of this modem is and you do not need to create any ARP table entries.

E240 v1

TCP/IP Settings
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:

Windows 95, 98, ME
1. Right click on Network Neighborhood (My Network places)
2. Choose "Properties"
3. A new window will open
4. Highlight the TCP/IP bound to the Ethernet card that is connected to the DSL Modem
5. Click "Properties"
6. Choose the "IP Address" tab, specify, type
7. Set the subnet mask to
8. Default Gateway:
9. Click "OK"

Windows 2000
1) Right click "My Network Places" -> Choose "Properties"
2) Right click the icon for your Ethernet adapter -> Choose "Properties"
3) Highlight the "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" listing
4) Click "Properties"
5) Click on "Use the following IP address"
6) Type in
7) Set the subnet mask to
8. Default Gateway:

Windows XP
1) Go to "Start" -> "Control Panel"
2) Click on "Network & Internet Connections"
3) Click on "Network Connections"
4) Right click on the icon for your Ethernet card connected to your DSL modem Choose "Properties"
5) Click on "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) -> Click "Properties"
6) In the "General" tab check off "Use the following IP address"
7) Type in
8) Enter a subnet mask of
9. Default Gateway:
10) Click "OK"
11) Click "OK"

Your settings should look as they are above. DNS servers are assigned automatically by Sympaticos servers. If you do not have Sympatico, your DNS servers can be found in ipconfig /all under PPP Adapter

2) Creating an ARP Table:

Go into DOS / Command Prompt and type: arp -s MODEM_MAC_GOES_HERE
Make sure to type the MAC address in this format: XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX
Type arp -a [displays] to verify, or arp -d [deletes current entries] if you need to correct something.

The modem MAC address can be found underneath the modem as shown above.

3) You're done! Just go to and you'll be able to configure/view things from there.

*Note that you'll have to re-do an ARP table entry each reboot.

The older Bell firmwares are crippled. Look into 3rd party firmware if you want to see what the modem is really capable of.

Have fun! :)

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