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Call 310-SURF or 1 (800) 773-2121 for technical support or billing inquiries. Make sure you listen to the voice prompts to get to the right department. Tech support is available 24 hours, while the billing department is available during business hours.

You can speak to a tech in the direct forum »Bell Canada Direct - this is a secure forum and the content of your posts (except the subject line) are hidden from everyone except you and authorized Bell staff.

Send an e-mail to

Sympatico Contact Form on the web...

If you are unable to get your problem resolved to your satisfaction, you may speak to the Bell Canada Executive Office of Customer Relations at no charge.

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  • If you have a generic issue or question, you may post it to one of the public Bell Sympatico forum. If you are having a specific problem with your Bell Sympatico service, you may contact a Bell technician via the the Bell Sympatico Direct forum.

    2008-07-11 15:36:40 (Bell Martin See Profile)

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