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Compute required TCP receive window size (RWIN)
Bandwidth kbpsLatency ms bytes
Bandwidth is your advertised (download) speed.
Latency (i.e. delay) should be your large packet ping time. Multiply yours by 1.5 for this tool.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Time to update _again_! Had to use 99999 kbps for 100 Mbps connection.. ;o

    2009-08-18 16:43:39 (PingPong3 See Profile)

  • Time to update! Had to use 9999 kbps for 10 Mbps connection. :)

    2009-06-09 01:52:41

  • 1. In RWIN Calculater, kbps = Kilo bits per second or Kilo bytes per second? 2. only 4 digits can be entered in the RWIN Calculator Thanks.

    2009-05-10 15:37:45

  • RWIN Calculator (#677) (No longer here because it doesn't work on this site.)

    2009-01-06 14:42:06 (DionisBah See Profile)

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