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how-to block ads

I just tried to access a forum a few minutes ago, and I got this error:

"503 Request temporarily denied: too many requests arriving from your IP address. See this page for more information:"

On that page, you see this info:

About: request denied, error 503

Your current IP address has issued more than 60 page requests in a single 2 minute period.
Has requested/posted 25k bytes per second for 2 minutes, on average.

For the purpose of server stability, we are forced to return a 503 error to further requests until the above counts reduce.

If requests continue at a high rate, then your IP address may be auto-blocked and every page on the site will return 401 errors (permission denied).

Why did you get this error?

Perhaps you are trying to POST a BMP image file and are pressing retry. BMP files suck. They are totally uncompressed and huge. Convert to GIF or JPG before you try uploading multi megabyte screen shots!

Perhaps your web browser tried to "archive" the entire page including all links.

Perhaps you have some additional software, such as Ad-Aware, AdShield or other newer service, that quietly requests more than just the page you wanted. Disable it or reinstall it.

Perhaps you just clicked very fast, page by page, in which case a short delay will return service to you.

Perhaps your IP address is a company proxy or gateway IP and for some reason, many users sharing this IP address are all trying to use dslreports.com.

What do you do now?

Well, you can wait a few minutes, and if that does not work, wait 20 minutes or more. Make sure you have disabled any extra software which may be causing multiple page requests.

If you persist in getting this error, then please email webmaster @ dslreports.com

Before doing that, access a unique URL that will be caught in our logs. For example: /your_login_name. In the email, tell us what unique URL you accessed, so we can find which IP we are blocking and why.

One solution to this problem is not to check "cache unlisted pages" if you are using AdShield.

A second cause is clicking topics too rapidly, as in your "favorite forums" page when trying to catch up. If this is happening to you, try using the "clear all" button at the top of the page to catch up with all your forums.

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last modified: 2014-04-01 14:04:18