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To completely remove MSN7 (MSN explorer) or MSN8 from your system, do these steps in order.

    •Go to your control panel, into add-remove programs, and remove MSN Internet Software (for MSN8) or MSN Explorer (for 7). If neither is listed, skip this step.

    •Go into program files, and verify that the MSN folder is gone. Corrupt installs sometimes do not remove this during un-installation. These are the core application files. Delete MSN if it is still there.

    •Delete the MSN6 folder from the Application Data folder under every machine profile. For 95/98/ME, this is c:\windows\application data\MSN6. For XP, it is in c:\documents and settings\%profile%\Application Data\MSN6 (with XP you will probably have to search all profiles and remove all occurrences, hence the %profile% variable). These are the personal settings and mail cache for each user.

    •Go into your registry. Go to edit->find. Leave only "keys" and "match whole string only" checked. Find MSN6. Delete every occurrence of a base key named MSN6 (this will be 2 or 3 depending on your OS).

That's it! It's now completely gone from your system. If you're having trouble with some part of the software, I highly recommend doing this before calling tech support. It will very often fix the problem.

*Note that removing MSN Messenger is not necessary to remove the MSN software.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Over the past year I have had to un/reinstall MSN about every month, sometimes, three times a month. The MSN support tool "Auto Care " does nothing. MSN mail inbox has yellow caution sign. Then Emails wont load. Then Emails won't delete. I had to pay an annual MSN fee of 10 dollars, because Qwest dropped them. They now want 10 Dollars a month for tech support which I refuse to pay. MSN support site does not give answers to problems like this.

    2012-09-26 18:47:25

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