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The following has been agreed upon by clan members:

A Broadband Ranger never initiates nor participates in a votekick in the following circumstances:

  • Being away from keyboard (AFK) when their absence has been announced to the team they are on.

  • Team killing, unless purposely and with out apology.

  • Suspected cheating, this is an ADMINS responsibility not yours.

  • Poor performance. Or not following the actions of the Squad leader.

  • Not giving up a weapon that you want to use.

  • To end a round or Match for the win.

  • Duress that if you do not votekick a player then you will be votekicked off the server. You will be votekicked off rather than vote off another.

  • If the person being votekicked is a fellow Broadband Ranger. Or Trainee.

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last modified: 2003-03-16 21:34:42