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Originally posted my AmeritecTech in this forum thread.

Migrating is fairly easy and does not require a software download.

Conducting the migration:
Most customers should have a link in their e-mail now with the URL to migrate. If not, you may go to »sbc.yahoo.com/caredslactivate. At the beginning of the migration process, you will be asked your e-mail address. Supply the main ameritech.net userid here. Shortly after, it will offer the Bonus software, including dialup software, Connection Manager, and the SBC/Yahoo! browser. Here you may uncheck the software that you don't want, up to and including all of it. Connection Manager is strongly advised against, while the other two are fairly harmless. After migration is complete, you will reach a blank white page, signifying that you are done. You should now be able to login to the homepage at »sbc.yahoo.com.

Mail Settings:
Your new incoming mail server will be pop.ameritech.yahoo.com and your new outgoing mail server will be smtp.ameritech.yahoo.com. In the properties of that account, you will also need to select that the outgoing mail server requires authentication. Your account name for both the incoming and outgoing mail servers will be userid@ameritech.net. Please note that the automatic setup wizard of most mail clients do not put the @ameritech.net on the end of your account name, and for most mail clients you will need to add this manually.

Recently, there was a problem with mail delivery that caused e-mails to be delivered to the old mailhost.xxx.ameritech.net servers, but users experienced a delay receiving them on the new pop.ameritech.yahoo.com server. This appears to be resolved. If it crops up again, users will still be able to check their mail on their old mailhost.xxx.ameritech.net server. This is a temporary problem, and is said to be related to the large number of people conducting the migration at this time.

If you don't download the Yahoo browser (or the other software) during migration, you can go back to the same webpage at a later date, which will detect that you've already migrated and take you straight to the page to select the software to download. This also works if you want to install it on several different computers.
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