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Instant Messages now have a "keep" option, which preserves them forever or until they are deleted with the normal delete link.

Kept instant messages (inbound) are colored light blue as a background instead of green.

There is no un-keep option as of this edit. There is a "delete-this" function for kept messages.

• Earlier, if a received message was marked "kept," it automatically marked the sent message in the sender's IM listing as "kept" also. That caused some to notice "kept" messages in their list even though they hadn't taken any action. This is no longer the case.

• Deleting a "kept" message by either the sender or receiver does not have a reciprocal effect like #2, so you can feel free to delete any messages that you sent which are now tagged as "kept."

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Is it possible to keep messages when using the MSNTV2?

    2008-11-13 16:12:00

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