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Instant Messages now have a "keep" option, which preserves them forever or until they are deleted with the normal delete link.

Kept instant messages (inbound) are colored light blue as a background instead of green.

There is no un-keep option; you just delete them.


(Note: When first instituted, keeping an IM sent to you would cause a "kept" tag in the sender's IM area. This is no longer the case.)

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Hullo. I've been going through my old "kept" IMs and the only way to get rid of them is to "unkeep" them. All other options fail when I try delete this, etc. And for some reason, "kept" IMs do not show up when you click on the "Housekeeping" tab. As a result, I keep getting site warnings about too many requests from my IP addy and have to wait for my imposed "time out". ;-) Might want to update this FAQ. Thank you!

    2010-08-05 08:12:23 (RWOTB See Profile)

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