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For Windows 9x/ME Setup:

*The screen name being used must be a General account*

At this point, insert your Win9x/ME CD in the drive for it will prompt for one at the end of this setup

To start, get your copy of RASPPPOE at its official home page.

Unzip the file into it's own folder.

Now go to Start >> Settings >> Control Panel

Now go on and double-click on Network

In this network property, click Add

Select Protocol And click OK

In this window, click Have Disk...

Like most Windows, it tends to look through the floppy drives (A:\ drive). Once this window appears click on Browse...

Browse through your drive and point to the folder where you unzipped RASPPPOE. Three .inf files should appear. Select any one of them and click OK

And just go ahead and click OK

This window should appear. And from this point on, click OK

Windows will go ahead and complete the setup. It will access the CD-ROM for other necessary files. If the CD is not loaded, it prompt you to do so.

Then restart the computer.

After booting up the computer, go into your network properties again.

Your Network list should look something like this.

By default, the protocol sets MTU to 1492. Under AOL conditions, this will become a problem. Not to worry. Now we are going to setup the MTU here. Remember that AOL only operates with an MTU Value of 1400.

Under all the bindings with PPP over Ethernet Protocol, select the Adapter or NIC that is associated with your ADSL Modem and click Properties. The properties window for the PPPoE will show up.

In this window, place a check on the box with the option Overwrite Maximum Transfer Unit and type in 1400. Then Click OK

Now to start getting the service running.

Go to Start >> Run

In the dialogue box type in RASPPPOE And click OK

This setup window should appear. From here, click on the button Query Available Services

Upon querying your services, a list should will be provided in similar fashion above. Now click on the button Create a Dial-up Connection for the selected Adapter. You'll see that a dial-up shortcut will be created on your desktop. Then click Exit

From here, you can rename the dial-up shortcut if you wish. Here I renamed it as AOL DSL. That's obvious eh? Now double click on the dial-up shortcut

And this is it All you have to do now is type in your username and password. Remember to type your login name as yourscreenname@aol.com. Then click Connect!

*Note: Please make sure that your username and password are purely made up of letters and numbers, all in lowercase. Passwords must NOT exceed 8 characters in length. Spaces are NOT acceptable!*

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last modified: 2004-01-11 16:36:52