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Features of this package:

3060 DSL PPP Miniport driver with Win 2000 support
Supports PPP over ATM with both VCMUX and LLC Encapsulation
Supports PPP over Ethernet with 1483 Encapsulation
Supports all 3060s (VPI 0, 0&8, 0-15)
Upgrade/Install app to assist on Windows 2000
Automatic Icon creation for Dial-up Networking
Start menu icon to create additional Icon for Dial-Up networking
Start menu icon to uninstall 3060 and its software
Dial strings optional, with ability to read defaults from device properties
No Reboot required!
This package differs from the regular Speedstream package in that:
No Taskbar app
No checksum Required on Dial strings

Driver Installation

1) Place 3060 in PC, boot Windows 2000
NOTE: Win2000 will recognize the 3060 as a 3010 device, and incorrectly install 3010
drivers against it. This is OK, as the install application will correct this.

To view Device Manager - right click on "My Computer" and select
properties. Click the "Hardware" tab and select "Device Manager".

2) When the OS is up, run the self extracting EN60PW2K.EXE. Conversely, if you have previously
expanded these files, you can simply run the SETUP.EXE that is contained within the self-extracting zip.
NOTE: Setup should start automatically

3) When the 3060 Install Dialog appears, Click 'Install'.

The OS will remove the 3010 driver, restart Plug and Play, re-detect the 3060 adapter, and install the 3060 driver. The "Digital Signature Not Found" window will appear,
simply click "YES".

4) The Install is complete. Click "OK".

Driver Configuration
Open the Device Manager and view properties for the 3060 adapter.

To view Device Manager - right click on "My Computer" and select properties.
Click the "Hardware" tab and select "Device Manager". Expand the "Network Adapter"
entry, right click on the 3060 adapter entry and select "Properties".

Once the Properties windows for the 3060 adapter is displayed Click the "Advanced" tab.
From here you can change the VPI, VCI and encapsulation.

Making the Connection
Note: This is for a PPPoA connection.
Right click on "My Network Places" on the desktop and choose properties.
Double click the "3060 DSL Connection" Icon. Enter User name and password, then Dial.

Note: To manually create an icon, use Start->Programs->Efficient Networks-> Create 3060 DSL Connection Icon.
The Dial string is optional. If no dial string is present the parameters set in Device manager will be used.

Uninstalling the Driver

Simply goto Start->Programs->Efficient Networks->Uninstall 3060 DSL Modem.
At the uninstall dialog, click 'Remove' No reboot required.

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