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Speeds will vary depending on network conditions, Here is a list of common causes of slower than normal speed's:

- Viruses
- spy-ware
- the speed of your computer
- the quality of signal your modem recieves
- the speed of your hub/router
- your OS
- your RWIN and tweak settings www.dslreports.com/tweaks
- the connection of the address you are accessing
- the location of the address you are accessing
- the quality of the backbones between you and the address you are accessing
- the peering arrangements between you and the site you are accessing
- the type and size of file you are using to base your tests
- the time of day
- the number of users on your node actively using the internet
- the number of users on Shaw's entire network
- network congestion in general
- packet loss


When in doubt best to give Shaw technical support a call there open 24/7

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