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DSL Users:

AOL is 100% compatible with any router that supports PPPoE with adjustable MTU settings.

Simply follow the instructions provided by your router manufacturer.

Key Guidelines:

• It is required that the screen name being used is a General account

• Under Username: type your screen name followed by @aol.com.

- For Example: "ravenx5521@aol.com"

•Under Password: Type your AOL password for that screen name. Then save/apply and establish a connection on the router.

• AOL only supports an MTU (Maximum Transfer Unit) value up to 1400 bytes. Make certain you have manually set the MTU on the router to 1400.

• We recommend users with router setups to create a dedicated screen name on their accounts for the sole purpose of router login. Doing so will allow users to utilize other screens on their accounts when they choose to use their clients at any given time.

• If you ever choose to utilize the AOL client under these networking conditions, make sure that you set your client to connect via "TCP/IP: Lan or ISP (Internet Service Provider)." On newer versions of AOL, this option is renamed as "Broadband (High Speed, Cable, DSL or other ISP."

*Note: AOL currently allows special characters and has extended the character length limit for passwords when using the AOL 9.0 Optimized. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO PPPoE AUTHENTICATION! Please make sure that your username and password are purely made up of letters and numbers, all in lowercase. Passwords must NOT exceed 8 characters in length. Spaces are NOT acceptable!* Failure to follow will result in an error in PPPoE Authenction.

Cable Users:
AOL is working hard to find you a way to establish a DHCP connection with cable companies. Hang tight and they will think of something. Right now, you will need to clone your mac address before you can use the AOL client to log in.

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