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***The screen shots below are from the older 2100/2200/6100 firmware and may be different that your current modem. There are changes to the basic menu structure, but overall functionality/capabilities/configurations are the same.***

The BellSouth supplied Westell modems are actually routers and by default provides NAT so some popular games and applications may not work correctly. Some applications may require a specific IP Address be assigned to the computer. IP Passthrough enables the ability to assign the WAN IP directly to the PC's NIC thus avoiding the connection problems. IP Passthrough can assign the WAN IP to a single PC whether it is connected directly to the Westell or used in conjunction with a hub or switch. Important note: IP Passthrough exposes you computer directly to the Internet. A firewall of some type is highly recommended.

Step 1
Open a browser session to access the Westell Interface and enter "" or "launchmodem" in the address field.

Step 2
Click on Expert Mode from the menu and confirm that you want to enter Expert Mode.

Step 3
Click on Configure from the menu and then IP Passthrough in the sub-menu. Select the name (or IP currently assigned) of the individual computer you want to enable IP Passthrough. Click on Enable at the bottom. This will automatically restart the modem and the interface will return after the changes are saved.

Step 4
After the modem has restarted the modem will assign the WAN IP to that particular PC's NIC. However, you must restart your PC (or do an IP release/renew) before the PC will actually be assigned the WAN IP. To confirm the correct IP you can open a DOS window, type ipconfig, and hit Enter which will display the IP information. You are finished.

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