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1) Find the players number; you do this by typing "lp" in the console or by looking at the scoreboard (screen with your kills and deaths). The "lp" console command will show the list of players on the server with a number beside there name, and the scoreboard will have that same number on the far right. Once you find the player's name remember the number by their name.

2) In the console again, type either "kick X" or "kt X"(where X is the number). The difference between those commands is that "kick X" will be voted on by everyone on the server while "kt X" will be a vote of the team X is on. The "kt" is a better option since you need less votes and the other team usually doesn't care about your tker problems. This is a mighty tool for kicking out Tkers when no admins are on.

3) Last, tell either the team or the everyone on to type either "kick X" or "kt X" in the console also, that way people will know how to kick out the TKers.

If you do have admin you can go into your console, if remoteconsole is enabled, and simply find out the players number by typing "lp" than following that type "admin.kickplayer X", where X is the number by the players name.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • hello to all when I open the console and I mark kt x console speaks and brand new kick voting ex ...

    2010-09-05 14:05:28

  • what is the console, is it the grave key? ~ in game? where do i type it?

    2007-10-12 04:52:15

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