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  • pay for 4mb but when doing the speedtest with tmnet speedtest only got around 6xx download and 3xx upload what wrong? ur technician can't even solve this problem when he come to my house..how do u make of this?

    2014-03-29 12:41:02

  • No, Repot : 1-8295652105 Tarikh Repot : 24 Mac 2014 Msa Repot : 7.55 p.m. Apa nak jadi? Dah masuk hari ketiga. Apa… nak jadi? Dari Ahad (23 Mac 2014) (24jam) telefon tak dapat guna. Tiada dial tone. Tiada lampu DSL/Data. DSL/Data tiada cahaya, gelap gelita 24 jam. Hari ini 29 Mac 2014. Masih gelap. Apa…nak jadi? Cakap tukar kabel baru tapi apa nak jadi? Telefon tiada tone. Internet gelap gelita. Apa…nak jadi? Call buat aduan kata akan hantar orang. Tunggu 24 jam tiada perkembangan. Batang hidung habuk tarak. Apa…nak jadi? Orang tak datang, maka call lagi, operator perkhidmatan cakap tunggu. Tungu…..tunggulah sampai beruban…lampu DSL/Data masi gelap. Telefon juga tiada tone… Apa…nak jadi? Apa nak jadi??? Inilah dia dengan servis TELEKOM, apa pun akan terjadi!!? 1,2 Kucing berlari, Mana nak sama si kucing hitam, Oh, Telekom, apa nak jadi, Siang Malam DSL gelap hitam. Apa…nak jadi? Masalah tak settle tapi hantar mesej kata aduan kita dah “resolved.” Apa…nak jadi? Hari berganti minggu, apa nak jadi? Sambal belacan goring kangkung, Masak lagi ikan tuna, Kerugian saya siapa nak tanggung? Bayar bil tapi perkhidmatan tak boleh guna. Buah cempedak di luar pagar, Ambil galah tolong jolokkan, “Technicians” TELEKOM semua budak baru belajar, Kalau perlu bukti gambar saya tunjukkan.

    2014-03-29 02:17:59

  • Tiap2 minggu line internet tm umah aku problem. Minggu ni dh hari2 problem. Smlm br report, tm ckp dlm 24hours technician akan check. Ni dh lbh 24hours, line problem lg! Aku wat report lg. Siap marah2. Sakit hati plk dgr solution yg diorang bg & terangkan. Takkan nk hari2 report, jwpn yg sama je dgr. Bil tiap bln settle. Cuba la bg solution & jgn asyik nk problem je line ni. Kalo bil.lmbt ckit byr, laju jek nk potong line tu kan. So mn adilnya! Hak pengguna harus diutamakan.

    2014-02-14 00:59:00

  • Saya baru guna streamyx 1mbphs...bila saya komplen..hari itu saja laju...lepas tu...hari yg esok dan seterusnya..balik lambat...dan kekadang..lampu internetnya berwarna merah. Saya rasa macam teranaiya.sebulan perlu byr rm110..tapi service..worst...sungguh2 mengecewakan...tak berbaloi.. JOHNNY AK BLO..084691405..ID:JOYDYNE

    2014-02-02 17:15:28

  • u little shit, so many complains from my area for the past few years and still no help

    2014-02-02 07:48:07

  • I am using 4mb line but recently get low speed and always having sudden disconnect problem, kindly to check it has any problem there?checked with my friend they using same speed with me but they do not have this problem.my phone number :0122988227 I reported to customer service , after 3 or 4 hours they called me and asking some questions, then after 1 day I received an SMS that my problem has been solved. but it get worse. So please I need your specialist to come to my house and check it. I pay for 4MB but I get 1MB or some times Less. Please if you can't resolve my problem let me know I will terminate my contract.

    2014-01-25 06:17:10

  • I am using 1mb line but recently get low speed and always having sudden disconnect problem, pls kindly to check it has any problem there?checked with my friend they using same speed with me but they do not have this problem.my phone number :07-6626982 thank you

    2013-12-30 01:09:54

  • Apa mslh ngn org tm ni..kja nk mkn duit org ja, ingt gji aq ni bribu ribu kot..mmg la ada tunggakan dlm byaran..bnda dah x bleh gna apsal plak tiap2 bln dpt bil kna byq mkin brgnda..truk la mcm ni..slgi x byq hbs slgi tu kna byr brganda2..teruk la mcm ni..kalo cmtu bila taun nya nk hbs byr kalo bln2 ttp brtmbh..tlg la..asyk call mnx duit ja..hampeh betoii..betoii2 makan duit org..

    2013-12-25 16:25:58

  • I live in USJ 17, Subang Jaya. There is LRT construction in front of my building. I had registered 10Mbp under Maxis two weeks ago. During the installation, TM technician told me there are unable to conduct the installation due to the TM box (risers) block by heavy vehicles or excavators. They could not do anything and do not know how long it will take. As far as I concerned TM have the right to ask Prasana not to block their properties. I need the internet for work and this LRT construction will take ages to finish. Please helps me

    2013-12-22 08:12:23

  • Salam..liputan kt meru,klang ni mmng hampeh ...rugi la bayar rm 110 tiap bulan...baru ni upgrade pd 2mb ...tambah jadi rm130....x kesah la jnji laju hoho lagi hampeh .... tolong la pihak pengurusan service...hantar peg teknik dtg ceck...no tepon 03 3392 0450...maskuri bin jamiyou @ abdullah ..hubungi SEGERA...haha guna perkataan yg tmnet bold kat bil bila ada tunggakan...harap elert ngan sevice bukan time payment jerrrr....tqvm

    2013-12-17 01:17:47

  • Salam..liputan kt meru,klang ni mmng hampeh ...rugi la bayar rm 110 tiap bulan...baru ni upgrade pd 2mb ...tambah jadi rm130....x kesah la jnji laju hoho lagi hampeh .... tolong la pihak pengurusan service...hantar peg teknik dtg ceck...no tepon 03 3392 0450...maskuri bin jamiyou @ abdullah ..hubungi SEGERA...haha guna perkataan yg tmnet bold kat bil bila ada tunggakan...harap elert ngan sevice bukan time payment jerrrr....tqvm

    2013-12-17 01:16:37

  • I have been using streamyx for so many years because we lack of economical fix line alternatives...I don't understand after so many years TM service is BAD from A-Z. Not much improvement from the point of calling 100 the call centre and the technicians. 1stly on the phone most of the time the call centre may it be 1st or 2nd level support cannot confirm what they are doing. The technicians are like local gangsters some are rude and can play politics concerning their availability. Worse of all they too cannot confirm whats the problem. Once it took me 3 months to solve a problem that I eventually solve myself by trouble shooting 2nd it was about 6 lousy months when i had connection problem and eventually fixed it myself changing the small white box. Dont the management know hot to do monitoring and control and to impose some form of punishment to their staff if they play boss at work? in between those time I also had internet problems from time to time. Recently i lodged a report on 9th November 2013 today is 13/11/2013 still no technician here. Most importantly TELEKOM MALAYASIA ought to be involved form A-Z pertaining to phone lines and internet, do not give us partial service where we have to call contractors to solve internal lines? HELLO who the hell are we to call...u think they are interested to attend to this type of service? or they would simply overcharge and rip off users. MAKE your damn staff solve this like in the earlier days...we cant afford to ping pong between contractors and you coz they won't give a damn about internet connection and stuff or wether there's phone signal.

    2013-11-13 04:11:00

  • Apa punya call centre tak dapat bantu kalau dah habis warranty. Buang duit je call. Nak mintak technical pi rumah pun tak leh

    2013-11-05 09:06:23

  • I would like to re-complain about my house's streamyx since no one taking any action regarding my complain before. This is the report number 1-7170124386. The internet connection had been broken down since 11th of October until today 17th of October. I made a report on 14th of October and my sister also made another report 2 days later, but we haven't got any feedback whatsoever. Although the guys said that he will arrange some people to come to my house for repairing purpose, but until now there's no one come to fix the problem. So, I hope you can help me to overcome this matter ASAP since we got a lot of work to do and we can't do it due to inability to access the internet. I really appreciate your co-operation and hoping that you are taking this problem into a serious consideration. Thank u.

    2013-10-16 23:21:06

  • I am using 4mb line but these 2 weeks also get low speed and always having sudden disconnect problem, today even worst, from speed test meter only can get 59kpbs~350kpbs. Please hep to settle it asap. My address 38,jalan perpaduan, taman kulai, 81000 kulaijaya,johor. Line tel no# : 07-6632046

    2013-10-09 07:33:28

  • Hi, I want to thank customer service center Miss LISA for her helpfulness and patience in guiding me through setting up my modem. Many thanks.

    2013-09-28 02:31:57

  • upgrade from 512kb to 1mbps..., connection speed never reach 512kb, the line "SUCKSSSSSS"........, paid for 1mbps package.....??? service worst ever !!! "TM = SNAIL" better change tu "SNAILeamyx" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2013-07-18 10:24:37

  • sorry, forgot to add my report number 1-5112197210. You guys at tm streamyx suck big time. I am complaining and have done so many times, yet the matter is not resolved. I remember having to contact a private telephone repair shop myself and they came and fixed the problem, luckily they are also one of telekom malaysia's contracted staff and they came checked the order, fixed it and was solved. Took them all of 1 hour to fix the problem which I spent days trying to call 100 (toll free) to get somebody to fix it. They got me to sign some papers and said they would bill Telekom Malaysia directly!!!!!

    2012-12-31 18:57:02

  • Yes, TM streamyx provides the worst customer support compared to P1 Wimax which is very rapid and efficient. I complained that somebody had stole my phoneline by tapping into it, as such I had no internet connectivity nor could I call out. When I dialed my home phone number provided by telekom malaysia, I got another person answering the phone. This happened since December 30, 2012 at 12 noon. I reported this soon after, but up until the January 1, 2013 nothing has happened, nobody from tm contacted me, neither technician or any of their representative. I since had called the 100 (free report service) 6 times, with the person on tm apologizing for their delay and telling that they would put this as urgent and immediate, some service eh? They never called back or tried to correct the fault for more than 48 hours now. They have kept me in the dark, when you call the toll free 100 line all they can do is read that your report is not solved and there is no feedback from the technical side.

    2012-12-31 18:49:48

  • I would like to complain my house's streamyx. It had been broken down on 13 NOV 2012 morning however i had try to call 100 many times whole morning until 3pm just have a guy answer the call and transfer to technical department. they ask me to restart the modem but until today( 15 Nov 2012) still cannot connect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we had try to call 2 times yesterday and the guys said will arrange people come my house repair but totally dun have!!! We try to call back ask why yet people to come but the guys answer need to wait within 48hours!!!What the hell for this kind service!!!!!!! Izzit a people almost die then the doctor ask him/her to wait for 48hours???

    2012-11-14 22:54:10

  • Sy call 03-78743741, tiada sesiapa yg jawab..kater 8 pg -12 thg mlm...bila nak caj, caj mahal..tp perkhidmatan hampeh

    2012-11-08 08:30:46

  • tiap-tiap hari connection sgt low!saya punya line actually download speed is 1mb,setiap kali i check my download speed with tm speedmeter just got 300++kbs, tapi sebenarnya dl speed i have just 100++kbs!

    2012-09-09 10:54:13

  • 095393089,i ready pay on4/7/12,but till now cant online,why?

    2012-07-10 11:07:02

  • I ready make payment on 4/7/12 ,but until now also cant online,why?

    2012-07-10 11:02:37

  • How come there are malaysians , by proportion more Chinese as opposed to Malays ( taking the sub 30 age bracket ) cant speak english . Where have they been . Have you been suckered to be fooled by the local govt and your community to think that all you need . Please learn to speak and communicate in the universal language so that you can share and aquire more knowledge and dont remain primitive . I mean it it in good intention. Please dont get upset or get racially motiavated

    2012-06-07 11:38:55

  • Having problem getting connected; i am doing online work with scotland company, cant afford internet down. Streamyx sucks.

    2011-10-27 00:24:41

  • Streamyx service the worse ever. When it comes to payment they are very prompt but when it comes to refund over wrong billing, matters been dragged for 8 months. Please change your attitude and please discipline your staff. Unsatisfied user: 20040122973211

    2011-10-19 06:36:48

  • i have my house line fixed since dec 2010 and till today, there is a cross line between different lines. I have notified TM (100) and the technician in charged but no improvements are seen. I am tired of calling them and asking them to see to this problem which is still ongoing. I have made some many complaints to 100 telephonist until i have lost track of the report no: Can someone from the senior management see to this problem as i am paying bills diligently and yet experiencing the inconvenience of using the house line. My account No: D90788-579-0306. Please see to this asap.

    2011-06-24 21:01:13

  • bagaimana untuk check bil telifon secara online?bolehkah saya mendapatkan jumlah bil telifon yg terkini?

    2011-04-14 10:17:10

  • how to i get my isp streamyx telphone number?

    2011-01-21 05:57:14

  • i do not hav any word to describe your service, fuck you!@

    2010-11-26 13:50:21

  • Dear TM I have applied for TM Streamyx 4mbp speed wireless broadband with free modem and Cordless Phone. Already 4 month I haven’t received the Cordless Phone yet. Please kindly check and delivery us tq. Streamyx Phone number: 0391017104 Streamyx Account No: D943777430209 For more information please contact Ramkumar 0163651995 Best regards, Ramkumar Chantharasagaran

    2010-10-11 05:40:56

  • i came to know that there is sponsored laptops available for students, secondary school, how do i apply for it. i wish to apply for my daughter.

    2010-09-24 04:37:30

  • nama saya zainal bin aziz, saya berasal dari kluang johor . no telepon saya 0127152242, alamat ;230 jalan besar felda air hitam 86000 kluang johor saya nak bertanya ,tm net telah membuat pembaharuan berkenaan tentang pembayaran setiap bulan, bayar dahulu baru guna.di sini saya nak bertanya macam manakkah jika saya hendak menggunakan talian internet tetapi talian bermasalah atau tergangu, adakah bolah saya membuat tuntutan dari pihak tm net. kerana saya telah membayar dahulu, talian internet ini kerana setiap pembayaran adalah untuk satu bulan. adakah pihak tmnet dah tiada cara lain untuk menampung kos pengunaan dari pada penguna penguna lain sehingga sangup meminta pembayaran dahulu sebelum menggunakan internet.Saya rasa ini bukan matlamat perdana menteri kita (RAKYAT DIDAHULUKAN PENCAPAIAN DI UTAMAKAN ) saya rasa ini dah terbalik. jangan lupa saya masih ada; HAK - HAK RAKYAT MALAYSIA;

    2010-03-26 07:01:57

  • Dear Streamyx Customer Service, I was one of those happy customer, enjoying the streamyx performance to browse & download to the internet over this years. Just recently, the frustration and disappointment surfaced in me due to inconsistency performance. I have contacted your support team but the feedback gave was not satisfactory. I’m currently running on a 1MB package (RM88/mth-registered 4 years ago). At times I do get excellent connection but most of the time it is extremely slow. The performance is not consistent and sometimes it’s frustrating to even open a Google page. Please see the attached report on the good performance via the “ping” reply and also the poor performance recorded. I seriously need an expert to look at this as the previous technician claims it has something to do with my internal wiring which I have a doubt with it. Please provide a permanent solution to overcome the inconsistent speed issue. Note: This is a separate telephone line used for only streamyx connection. It is registered under 03-62520151.

    2010-03-25 01:13:01

  • your is a No:1, boardband in malaysia, no way too slow is the world.

    2009-11-12 21:16:09

  • Report No. 1-4719997880 was made to tell that I'm having problem on the internet but it surely take a long time to repair, so I have a question one is that hw can I have wrongly Password to used after all I have no off the machine. secondly there is nothing wrong with my Rauther & Modem at all, if fack it is a really very very slow Up-Load about 405kbps but down load its only 300kps. so what is the conclution out here, I have loose so much money because of this. Please rebate me for the troble it couse to me as Urgent. regards Maidin 9M2DU

    2009-06-27 10:59:39

  • i have so long time to wait the line up to normal, but it i so dissappoint on it. because in my erea, already 3 weeks ago when i download some file or software from website, all the download speed under the range of 0 to 5 kbps, how it can be? and my streamyx package is 1 MBps, and upload file is 2++ kbps. my area is old klang road, 3 10 jln 1/130 meadow park. can your tell me what the problem on that. and it can't be leave the problem on there and never overcome on it right.

    2008-10-03 00:44:05

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