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For Cable or non-PPPoE DSL:

If your MTU is stuck at 1476 (should be 1500), then you should choose a firmware earlier than 1.36.x or later than 1.38. (If older, you need to weigh this against any benefits that can be attributed to the newer firmware.)

For DSL w/PPPoE:

With firmware 1.36 or 1.37, you need to set your NICs MTU to 1492 or less, which will result in an MSS of 1436 (MTU 1476).

If you have a firmware version earlier than 1.36 or later than 1.38, then also set your NICs MTU to 1492 or less, though your MSS will then be 1452 (MTU 1492).

Failure to do this will lead to unnecessarily small packets -- your MSS/MTU will be cut to 1322/1362.

You will have no control over what your upload MTU is. The Tweak test will continue to show that your "Max size packet recd" is 1362.

Different firmware versions are available in the Linksys Forum FAQ here. Or, you can get the newest versions here at the Linksys site.

PPPoE users: Use DRTCP021.exe to make NIC MTU adjustments.

With Firmware Version 1.38.4 and PPPoE, you should disable the MTU option in the router and set your NIC with DRTCP19 to 1492. This will eliminate the router's clipping of the MTU.

As of 4/15/01, firmware version 1.38.5 and 1.38.6 (as well as later versions) eliminate the MTU problem. Enable the router's MTU option and set it to 1492 (for PPPoE users) and set the NIC to 1492 also.

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