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Here are four books I've found to be really good at getting my skills up to speed to try and attempt this venture I've started.

    •TCP/IP Network Administration by Craig Hunt. ISBN# 0-596-00297-1

    •T1: A Survival Guide by Matthew Gast. ISBN# 0-596-00127-4

    •Building Wireless Community Networks by Rob Flickenger. ISBN# 0-596-00204-1

    •802.11 Wireless Networks by Matthew Gast. ISBN# 0-596-00183-5

All of these are published by O'Reilly, and are available at better bookstores, or from Amazon at better prices.
You'll also need a couple of books on whatever Operating System you choose to run, and a book or two on DNS, Mail Servers, Radius (if you run it), and Security.
I know there are more books out there than I could ever read in a lifetime, but these helped get me started.

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