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I got this phone from T-Mobile along with a free digital camera attachment. It had the best deal, $50 including tax, with a $50 T-Mobile rebate = Free.

The Motorola T720i is a very nice flip phone. I've had a Nokia 3390, previously, with Cingular Wireless. The only problem I had with the Nokia was that the keypad was very easy to press, and I had waste on average 3 to 4 SMS messages, which is about $0.30. The phone is very light, it's about 3.5 oz.

Phone features: flip design, decent RF, good sound quality, 9-line 4,092 color LCD, Java enabled, WAP, Phone Book, Voice dialing, digital camera attachment, MIDI Ring Tones (16-instrument) and GSM - 1900MHz.

In the house, I get about anywhere from 1 to 4 signal strength, if you leave it for a long time, the signal goes up. I'm pretty happy with the phone, I love the MIDI Ring Tones, it sounds really nice, the bad thing about it is that it doesn't vibrate and ring at the same time. It vibrates 3 times, rings for 10 seconds, and vibrates 2 times. Overall, this phone is very easy to use, the screen and buttons are EXCELLENT at night, all illuminated.

I highly recommend this phone, and Motorola has given me a very good reason to get this phone and write this nice review. For a free phone, I wouldn't complain about this at all.

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