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I got this phone almost a year ago when AT&T just launched GSM here in Ohio. This phone is an excellent choice for those users who do not want to lose AT&T's existing TDMA coverage, but still want to make use of AT&T's "3G" GSM network.

The phone is very durable, it has been used and abused. Battery life is excellent, and with heavy usage can last 2-3 days before needing to be re-charged. RF is also excellent, the only phone I know of with better reception is my Nokia 3650. The phone is also quite small, and packs a decent amount of features. The phone tends to get warm when talking for long periods of time, which is somewhat odd. One thing it note is if placing a call while using GSM, and GSM coverage is lost while using it you will be disconnected while the phone switches to TDMA, the phone is not a GAIT phone, and AT&T at this time does not support GAIT. Also a misconception this phone does NOT support AMPS (Analog).

Overall I would suggest the Siemens S46 if you are interested in using AT&T's GSM network, but not lose their TDMA coverage.

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