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One of the first color phones with bluetooth the SonyEricsson T68i grew very rapidly in popularity, do to its extensive features, when the T68/i first came out it put many cell phones to shame with its abundance of features, mainly being the above mentioned.

The phone works quite well, but suffered from several drawbacks, mainly two, poor rf for the 1900Mhz GSM band, and slow menus. Later firmwares have improved both reception and menu speed quite a bit, and an upgrade is highly suggested.

For a phone with a color screen, it has outstanding talk/standby times, and accompanied with its small size it was an excellent phone during its time.

The phone has many attachments, such as the MCA-25 communicam, which takes surprisingly good pictures, a laser pointer, mp3 player, and also a flashlight.

Overall I found the phone to be well worth it, and it works very well in areas where GSM signals are strong, my reception was always on par with my Motorola V60g. Bluetooth works very well, whether it was to send and receive files to my computer or sync, or if I was using a bluetooth headset. I would suggest the T68i, but I would suggest getting the firmware upgraded, this model is being replaced by the SonyEricsson T610.

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