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The Nokia 8390

When I first saw the Nokia 8390 on the NokiaUSA.com site, I immediately fell in love. This is apparently the smallest, if not one of the smallest, GSM phone out there.

I had always wanted GSM service regardless. I went to the AT&T store, and inquired about switching to GSM. The transition was painless, and in fact, I was saving $10 per month and getting 100 more minutes!

The phone was great, it had the typical user-friendly-yet-powerful Nokia interface. Battery life was as rated (4 hours talk time), although I do think I've gone more than 4 hours. Not only that, but I saw a 50-100% improvement in RF with GSM, compared to my previous AT&T TDMA service. In fact, it seemed like as time went on, RF got constantly better. Sound quality was a major improvement over TDMA ... GSM sounds like your regular land line.

The honeymoon didn't last too long, though. There were a few quirks that bothered me. Things that seemed like they should work, but didn't. Eventually, I had two more problems: I would hear an echo of myself when I made calls, and the phone would reboot itself.

After a quick call to AT&T, I was sent a replacement phone. This one had a different startup logo. My original phone had an AT&T startup logo, and this one had one saying Welcome to mLife.

Around the same time, my father, having loved my phone, switched to GSM and got the same phone. I compared software versions, and mine was indeed much newer.

So, after going around for just a day, I realized that all the quirks were gone. RF improved significantly, the phone didn't echo anymore, and it's never rebooted since.

I went around for a week, and everything stayed fine. The new firmware really makes a difference: the phones works the way it's supposed to, all the time. It works the way all the other Nokias have worked for me.

I was able to convince my dad to do a warranty exchange on his phone, and now he was the new firmware on his new phone as well. Now he too says the phone works much better, and has better reception.

Overall, in terms of features, size, RF, battery, etc. I give this phone an A (no plus or minus). It's an excellent phone, and I've recommended it to several people that have been quite happy with it.

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