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I got this phone from my local Cingular authorized reseller about a year ago. Once again, this phone was free at the time, I only had to pay tax.

Nokia 3390 is a nice little blue phone. I've had a Ericsson R280LX before this phone. I must say, this phone is a lot better and lighter than the Ericsson I had with AT&T Wireless. The only problem I have with this phone, is no automatic keypad lock, making me mistakenly dial numbers, and add bizarre stuff to the address book.

Phone features: Voice activated dialing, Excellent RF, 6 line display, and interchangable face plates.

In the house, I get excellent reception with this phone, 3 to 4 signal strengths. I'm pretty happy with the phone, the ringtone is very loud, and the vibrate function is very good. You can feel it through a backpack. The ringer can vibrate and ring at the same time, which is a good thing. Overall, this phone is a nice phone, for a low price.

I would recommend this phone to anyone that is shopping around to buy a used phone to use with the Cingular service. Nokia is the best phone I've used so far.

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