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The FujiFilm FinePix 2600 Zoom Digital Camera is a good beginner model for people entering the digital camera market. At a price of around $250 and about $150 on eBay, the camera offers various features and extras to get you started.

•2.1 MegaPixels
•3x Optical Zoom
•16mb Smart Media Card

The camera takes great outdoor shots, but lacks when taking indoor shots. Lighting is very important with this camera, because if there is not enough light, the pictures may come out blurry and light red. Another nice feature with this camera is its ability to take 20 seconds of video. Even though it does not have a microphone, taking a small clip may come in handy. Smart Media is very cheap these days, so expanding to more memory will not cost much extra. Battery life is good when using the camera without the LCD; however, if you take pictures with the LCD, battery life will become very short. Overall, this is a good entry level camera.

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