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You can view and post to usenet newsgroups with satellite connections. The quality of the newsgroup service varies by provider. Direcway/DirecPC no longer provides included newsgroup access, but Earthlink provides very good newsgroup selections for free to their customers. You can also purchase subscription newsgroup services from many providers that will work fine with your satellite connection,such as Easynews or Newsguy, or simply use Google's free newsgroups for simple,web-based reading and posting.
We have found over time that some binaries will not download via NNTP from some posters. It seems the 3.0.x and 4.0.x versions of the software suffer this problem. Classic users on 2.x software have not reported this trouble.

Free (or nearly free) Usenet News servers:

More information about Usenet:

Usenet Newsgroup:

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  • Hey there, When you have a moment we were hoping you would consider adding our Usenet info website (http://www.newsadmin.com.com) to your FAQ. The site has grown over the past few years and includes interesting Usenet stats, as well as a popular newsgroup provider comparison area. Thanks for your consideration! Sincerely, NewsAdmin.Com / Martin staff@newsadmin.com

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