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The Kodak DC4800 is a 3.1 megapixel camera with fully automatic mode and some limited manual settings. For a complete review of the features, take a look at Steve's Digicams for this model.

In general, this is a very good camera for outside photos and inside photos under good lighting. The colors are bright and realistic, and the detail on medium (4-5 ft) to close (1 to 2 feet) photos is excellent. Action shots are also good under fair to good light.

Unfortunately, under low light conditions and at night, the performance is nothing short of terrible, with photos too dark or far too grainy, either in automatic or manual setting mode (tested under a variety of manual settings). In addition, infinity shots are not as sharp or as detailed as I think these could be (compared to other camera model shots I've seen).

The DC4800 serves well as a workhorse business camera for outside shots, but as a more versatile, all around camera, especially under low light conditons, I wouldn't recommended it.

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