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There are three things you can do:

  • First, try the clearing your Internet Temp Files and History:
    1) Click on Tools in on you internet explorer
    2) Click on internet options
    3) Click on the 'delete files' under Temporary internet files.

    Also clear your internet history

    1) Click on Tools in internet explorer
    2) Click on internet options
    3) Click on 'clear history' under History

    **You may have to restart your computer for the changes to take effect**

    If the trouble still exists, this indicates an error in the Windows registry due to a bad or corrupted install.

  • Only if you are comfortable with the altering registry, you can reenter the CD Key. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Electronic Arts\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\ergc and re-enter the key.

  • Try uninstalling the game completely, then before reinstalling delete the original game directory. Run Defrag and Scandisk. After the previous steps, reinstall the game and immediately patch it.

    Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
    • To resolve this, you will need to enter your CD key again using a utility called Battlefield Vietnam_code.exe. You will not have to restart your computer. Double-click the My Computer icon. Double-click the C: drive. Double-click the Program Files folder. Double-click the Battlefield Vietnam folder. Double-click the eReg folder. Double-click the file called "Battlefield Vietnam_code". Disregard the error on the left hand side about an image not loading. Enter your CD key into the boxes provided and click Next. This should insert your CD key back into your registry again and you should be able to join a multiplayer game. This method was verified by copying an entire hard disk to new, blank, formatted hard disk, removing the old hard drive, reinstalling Windows on top of the one that was copied to the new drive (a "repair install"), and then performing the above procedure. [Internet Explorer's temporary files and history should be irrelevant to these two games. They use their own registration process which does not appear to have anything to do with Internet Explorer.]

      2011-08-15 00:43:36

    • i tried this 2x and when i play online the secret weps maps say invalid cd keyh

      2010-05-09 15:51:41

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