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Your distance from the Remote DSLAM or CO can affect your speed or ability to even get DSL. Below is a chart that illustrates what affects various distances might have.

In Feet
less than 5000You will have little trouble getting all speeds of DSL.
5000-10600You may have trouble getting the highest advertised speeds.
10600-15000The danger zone for DSL from national CLECs like Covad. Advertised speeds are pinned back steadily until they reach 192k for 15,000 feet. If your line is longer than around 15000 feet, they may not accept an order.
15000-18000In this range, Telco ADSL is normally still available, although it may be restricted to 300-500k speeds.
18000-22000Telco ADSL is not available. Although, in at least a few areas, RADSL may be a product you can get. RADSL is speed-variable.
Some smaller DSL specialist CLECs may have solutions for you.
22000-28000By using less commonly used DSL equipment it is still possible to use lines of this length.
18000-28000IDSL is an alternative or possibly the only alternative. IDSL is 144k/sec, about four to six times modem speed.
28000-38000IDSL is the only alternative.

Thanks to KeysCapt for the chart.

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