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Now this phone really caught my attention on my search for a good backup phone with GSM 800/1900. For it size it is extremely feature rich, polyphonic ringtones, sound recorder, and speaker phone. The phone is small, and as I have said about the Nokia 6590i almost too small.

Sound quality is excellent, as all phones I have used by Siemens have been.

Reception is very good, another good performer about on par with the Nokia 6590i, which I view as being a competitor to the Siemens C56.

Siemens menus can be a little confusing especially for those used to Nokia's user friendlly menus system. Once you get used to them it really is not a problem.

The polyphonic ringtones are nice, it is nice to hear actually music rather than muddled mono tones. Although they can be softer than the mono tones, which make the phone hard to hear at times.

This phone is the same thing as the Siemens CT56, but with all the features, the CT56 has some disabled.

I have not played with the java midlets games yet, but will shortly.

I would highly suggest this phone for someone looking at getting a nice GSM 800/1900 phone with lots of features, it would have been nicer if Siemens incorporated a color screen, which most likely will lead many of you towards the Nokia 3595 ;)

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