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Knowing the CO Location is irrelevant to whether or not you can obtain DSL service. Bell is now using Remote DSLAM's (Also called RSLAM's, RDSLAM's, or Remote CO's) to provide service in SOME areas that were once too far away from their DSLAM in the CO. The Remote DSLAM will be located on your line, somewhere between the central office and your home. With a remote DSLAM, Your plain old telephone service (POTS) is still routed all the way to the CO, but the DSL service terminates before that at the remote DSLAM, and from that point connects to a fibre optic line that is not limited by distance.

In addition, even if you knew where your CO was, there's no telling what route the phone wire takes from there to your home. It may seem logical that they would take the shortest route, however this is often not the case. There are many pipes and services underground, and phone lines may be routed in an indirect path to avoid these obstacles.

In short, knowing the CO location will not help you obtain, upgrade, or troubleshoot DSL service. The only people that need to know where the CO is located are employees of the telephone company who work there.

If you are still curious, you may be able to find the location of your CO by using this website: »www.telcodata.us/telcodata/telco. "Input an Area Code (required) followed by the Prefix, or Exchange (optional). Then click on "detailed switch information."

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Bell usually does that to free up the DSLAM ports. This doesn't mean that they closed the wire center. I am most certain they didn't. You must be feed from an AMAS dslam instead of the high end ONU dslam. You can make complain. This happend to my relative in Scarborough.

    2011-10-26 17:39:10

  • The correct question now is "Where is my wire centre", which is what I was looking for. The reason for asking is about both availability and performance. Am I served by a wire centre that has a DSLAM and how far is it? For instance, I buy my Internet access from a competitive provider (Teksavvy) that uses the ILEC to groom dry loop DSL to a consolidated access. The ILEC, (Bell Canada), recently decided to re-provision me from one wire centre, close buy, to another further away. Now, at 4.5 kilometers, my DSL speed has dropped to ~1.3 mbps from 5 mbps. I would like to know the wire centres so I can legitimately complain if Bell has not closed my original wire centre. 'Course, your website might just be a front for BOCs and Canadian Telco's. :p

    2011-09-14 17:17:55

  • The given site is down. Not just a broken link

    2010-12-06 13:04:20 (FiReSTaRT See Profile)

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