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said by goden99 :
Why is it a pain to get a Line Transfer ??? Should it be super easy, go to switch box and switch where my line is going

A line transfer is more than that. If all I do go to a switch box and change the cable pair you are using from one to another, what happens? You lose dial tone. There is more involved than just changing the cable pair.

When a line transfer is performed, you phone service changes termination points, so the network has to be "reprogrammed" to show you are working somewhere else. If this is a change to different switch (CO to remote or vice versa), then the new switch has to be programmed by a Bell employee with all your line features etc, or you get nothing. This has to be co-ordinated between a field tech and a CO tech to ensure that it is done quickly, or your service will be down until all the work is completed.

So, you have (a) person who figures out where the move is going to go to (and from), (b) person who sets up all the new programming for the line at it's new termination point, (c) CO tech who undoes your connection once it is moved away from there, (d) field tech who moves the connection from one cable to another, and (e) the tech at the new termination point who does all the wiring at their end to make sure the jumpers to the switch and DSLAM are done (although this could be the same person as (d) doing a different job).

Now, if this all doesn't work, how much time do you think has been taken up in a futile effort, and what happens if it has to be undone so that someone else who is actually within range and wants the cable pair you now occupy to get service? They will either be denied as if there are no other spare pairs around, or your transfer has to be all undone so that yours is made available. Again, cost is incurred. Does that seem like "just moving a cable"?

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