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When I first saw this phone all I could think was how expensive it was going to be, but than soon changed AT&T is offering this excellent phone cheap. It is GSM 800/1900/1800 and the first EDGE phone on the market.

The Nokia 6200 is everything the Nokia 7210 should have been and more.

-Phone in general: It has a very sturdy feel to it, which make it comfortable to use. The keypad looks odd like many of the newer Nokias. Rf is excellent

-Screen: Excellent display at 4K colors, perfect size. Since it is the same size as other Nokia's there are tons of nice color wallpapers.

-Keypad: Although it looks odd it is nice and not hard to use at all, buttons press easily.

-Ringtones: Polyphonic is very nice, sounds much better than the old mono. Although this phone only has 8 cord tones they can sound a little muffled, but they are VERY loud.

-Memory: The phone has a small amount of memory for applications, games, images and ringtones.

-Reception: Excellent, on par with my Nokia 3650 and seems better than the 6590i.

-Applications: Came installed with the a convertor with values already entered for such things as temperature conversions, length, and also currency.

-Overall: I like this phone a lot, it is GSM 800/1900/1800 and EDGE capable a perfect phone, that should last for quite awhile. I highly recommend it, it is not to small and not to big, with excellent rf and audio quality.

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