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Yes, you have the option of "pausing" your Sympatico HSE account for 1 month or more, for $10 per month. During a period specified by you, your account will be temporarily suspended and you will not have to pay the monthly charges. This is similar to the "hold" option for ExpressVu satellite service.

What's so useful about that? Well, university/college students living away from home can pause their HSE accounts when they go home for the summer. Or, if you are going on an extended vacation or sabbatical and won't be at home, you can pause your account.

There is a 6 month hold period maximum. You also have to have been an HSE subscriber for a few months already. (This service is targeted to longtime customers) You also can't have any outstanding bills.

Note: You can also apply to have your phone service also "frozen", but I believe it costs $30 for three months and $60 for six months. HSE+LD subscribers can obtain seasonal service for the LD portion and HSE portion of their bills.

How to Use:
1. Call 310-SURF, get in touch with a live person and ask for the Sympatico Seasonal Service.

2. Tell the CSR when you want the account frozen and when you want it unfrozen.

You do not have to return any equipment or sign up for the service again. Saves you time, saves you and Sympatico money.

You will retain access to your email addresses and account information while the account is suspended.

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