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Your customer code is a 3-digit number set by your SBC phone company. If you receive paper phone bills, it's at the top of your bill directly to the right of your phone number.

If you pay your phone bill online, go to https://www05.sbc.com/MyAccount, log in, and click View and Pay My Bill. Right under the "Billing Name" is "Account Number"; the 3 digits that follow your phone number are the customer code.

Your keyword is ISP-specific; you set it during the account setup process. If in doubt, it may be your mother's maiden name, or it might be another personal word such as your pet's name. An SBC tech may be able to remind you what the first letter of the keyword is, and that might jog your memory.

Generally either the last 4 digits of the account owner's SSN, the customer code, or the keyword is needed for changing sensitive account information, such as password resets, or adding/removing services.

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