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There are several clients that you can use to download. Many of them, come as their own package and do not require the original client to be installed. Here's a list of most of the known Bit Torrent apps.

The Original Client

*Many people feel that they get faster speeds with this one. Can't hurt to try it.

*Another popular one that people can use to throttle their upload, with a few other features

Bit Torrent Experimental Client

*Note: This really isn't a Bit Torrent client, but helps with the way traffic shaping is used over Bit Torrent on Macintosh OSX. It helps transmission efficiency.

*Note: It's not actually a Bit Torrent client. It will launch whatever BT client you have installed. This software is useful for checking the status of your BT downloads and uploads.

TheSHAD0W's client
*Just like the Bit Torrent Experimental Client but with more useful features.

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