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I purchased two Samsung N400 phones to use with SprintPCS. Perhaps in another area better served by SprintPCS I would have a better review. I will try to limit my opinion to the phone itself, though.

As noted by the first review, the signal quality for this phone is terrible. It has big problems maintaining a usable signal, and just slight movement can make a huge difference. Walking around while talking is a game of russian roulette, you WILL lose your signal but you just don't know where. Using the PCS Vision online service is also a crap shoot. Most times it will hang on logging in, other times you just get the "service not available" message. When I'm lucky I'll actually get logged in and can move around. But don't depend on it. As to battery life for this phone, there is none. The standard battery seems to fluctuate on life. One day it may last all day long, another (even though getting the same usage) it may crap out mid-day. I purchased the extended life batteries but they exhibit the same fluctuation. Some times I can leave the phone sitting for several days and it will still have a full or nearly full charge. Other times, even though having the same usage, a charge will not last a full day. I've had the phone charged fully, made a call and will have been talking only a few minutes when I'll get a low-battery warning. It is as if the phone randomly uses power or can't decide how to read the battery level. After 5 months I have still not figured out a pattern to it. I never know when picking up my phone to head out of the house whether I can expect to have a good battery or not. Yet another crap shoot. And Samsung does not make a desktop charger, so the battery MUST be on the phone in order to charge it, a definite minus.

I had such good hopes for this phone, the styling is superb, the layout ideal. But Samsung really dropped the ball on the programming. When my contract is up, these two phones are going into the dustbin.

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last modified: 2003-05-22 10:36:38