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Q: How do I perform a "clean install" of the Direcway software, or just get rid of a service pack?
A: Tips on how to FINISH uninstalling DirecWay software/service packs.

Beginning with v4.0.3.9, the native Direcway uninstall does a much better job of cleaning up after itself than the previous versions. To finish the job, use the procedure below - especially for vers. and earlier. But getting rid of a service pack still involves employing the clean install procedure (Note 1).

The native DirecPC/DirecWay uninstall application unfortunately leaves many leftovers - in both the directory tree, and in the registry. Many have solved their problems following this procedure (Note 2). The only way to get a 100% Direcway-free computer, is to completely reformat - everything. Second best would have been to employ a software monitoring and removal utility at installation time, but hindsight is 20/20. Short of that, you may resort to the following MANUAL procedure:

1. Uninstall all the DirecPC/DirecWay/Earthlink/AOL+ software (Note 3) from the Add/Remove Programs window or from the applicable folder in your Programs menu. Shut down the computer, unplug the USB modems and restart Windows.

2. From the directory tree delete the entire folder(s) in which the satellite connection software was/were installed

3. Search files and folders for
a) all occasions of DPC*.* and delete everything found. It's VERY important to use the *.* wildcard qualifier, or you'll end up removing stuff that has nothing to do with Direcway/DirecPC.
b) all occasions of OEM*.*NF , opening each one with Notepad. Delete all that say "Hughes Network Systems" inside.

4. Back up your registry. Start=>Run=>type in "regedit" click OK, File=>Export... & save the file to a location of your choice.

5. Restart Windows

6. Run a competent registry cleanup utility. Repeat this until the utility says there is nothing left to cleanup (Note 4)

7. Manually remove all residuals
a) launch REGEDIT from the RUN line and select FIND
b) type in HUGHES NETWORK SYSTEMS, click OK, delete the entire folder when found
c) Repeat search/delete for all occasions of Hughes, DirecPC, Direcway, and DPCNET5* (again, don't forget the *)

8. repeat step 6

9. Restart Windows, and reinstall the latest version of your software. Follow all on-screen instructions, plugging the USB cable back in at the appropriate time.

10. Reapply any tweaks you feel necessary

11. When you're sure the new configuration is operating to your satisfaction, it's safe to delete the registry copy saved in step 4.

Note (1) Beginning with v4.0.1.28, Direcway began silently and arbitrarily editing your Windows registry with their SERVINFO.INI file. This "clean install" procedure will not remove 100% of the registry changes made by Direcway's SERVINFO. To date, no significant problems have manifested themselves should these entries remain in the registry.

NOTE (2) this procedure applies to ALL hard drives and ALL partitions on your computer. A complete uninstall MEANS a complete housecleaning of EVERYTHING related to the sat connection software. Even mismatched USB drivers on physically separate HDDs can conflict at Windows startup.

NOTE (3) this procedure has NOT been tested on an AOL+ configuration, so it's possible that AOL-branded residuals may still exist.

NOTE (4) if you don't HAVE a registry utility, consider getting one. Otherwise this step is optional. The critical stuff can be still be found with Step 7, it will just take longer.

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