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Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, and Conference Calling are all standard features on every Bell Mobility postpaid plan.

Individual Features

Unlimited Weeknights $15.00/month
Unlimited Weeknights local calling. Monday to Friday, 8pm-7am.

Unlimited Weekends $15.00/month
Unlimited Weekends local calling. Friday 8pm to Monday 7am.

Unlimited Weeknights and Weekends $25.00/month
Unlimited Weeknights and Weekends local calling.

Call Display $4.00/month
Allows you to see what number is calling before you answer they phone.
See what number is calling you. Your Digital PCS phone is a convenient way to monitor your incoming calls.

Mobile Browser $5/month
100 minutes of Mobile Browser access or unlimited 1x data access

Text Messaging $5 or $10/month
$5=100 text messages per month. $10=Unlimited text messages.

Touch Base Service $5.00/month
Make 20 local calls of unlimited duration to a designated phone number. Long Distance charges may apply.

Voice Dial $3.00/month
Place a call just by speaking a name or number. There is no need to subscribe to this service if your phone has Voice Dial built into it.

JustOne $10.00/month
Allows calls to ring at home first, and then your cell phone. If there's no answer at either phone, a message can be left on your home Call Answer service.

No Answer Transfer $5.00/month
This feature will allow a customer to have a call ring at the cell first, and if there's no answer, automatically transfer to another number.

Bundled Features

Value Bundle A $10.00/month
Call Display, Message Centre, Voice Dial

Value Bundle B $8.00/month
Call Display, Message Centre

Value Bundle C $6.00/month
Message Centre Express, Call Display

Text And Wireless Web Bundle $8/month
100 Text Messages, 100 Minutes of Mobile Browser per month

Message Pro $10.00/month
Message Centre, Message Centre Fax, Message Centre Plus, Call Display, E-mail relay/Text messaging

PowerPak $20.00/month
Message Centre, Message Centre Fax, Message Centre Plus, Call Display, VoiceDial, E-mail Relay/Text Messaging

Call Redirect $5.00/month
The combination of Call Display and No Answer Transfer allows you to identify incoming calls and either answer immediately, or let calls ring through to an alternate number. If you have voicemail at your alternative destination, messages can be left for you there.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Got a letter in the mail. They will now be charging 15$/month for unlimited texting as of July 1, 2009.

    2009-06-05 11:48:40

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