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Account 1:
Name: FidoWAP
APN - wap.fido.ca
User: fido
password: fido

Account 2:
Name: FidoINT
APN: internet.fido.ca
user: fido
password: fido

then, to set up WAP, create a Wap profile with the following:
Name: Fido
Connect using: FidoWAP
user: fido
password: fido


homepage: »wap.fido.ca
session mode: permanent
connection security: off
data bearer: GPRS
GPRS connection: when needed
GPRS access point: wap.fido.ca
IP address:
authentication type: normal
login type: automatic

I hope one works for you!

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • thanks a lot, it worked for me... this is very helpful...

    2012-07-12 16:22:36

  • what are the fido settings for the htc mytouch 3g, i'm not able to activate it. thanks

    2011-05-06 14:13:16

  • plz i need help with the WAP and GPRS settings for the LG NEON TE365F from fido...its from canada but i am from the caribbean

    2010-02-22 19:13:00

  • This wored for my samung i600.... Thank u

    2009-11-22 01:03:16

  • I just got a Google Android phone, and needed the APN settings. They fwd'd me the information as sms, so I'll repeat it here for posterity: DNS: primary: secondary: WAP settings: homepage: http://wap.fido.ca GPRS access point (apm): wap.fido.ca IP address: Port: 9201 user: fido pword: fido GPRS Settings: APN: internet.fido.ca user: fido pword: fido dial up# *99# MMS Settings: apn:mms.fido.ca ip: port: 9201 mms relay server URL: http://mms.fido.ca Outbound email settings: Outgoing port: 25 outgoing server: gprs.fido.ca

    2009-03-10 12:56:43

  • Hi, I just unlocked my SE Z750i and the WAP stopped working (with Fido). I was able to get the internet to work but not WAP. I read on one of the websites that WAP only works with the Fido phones.. Is it true?

    2008-11-28 23:15:36

  • i dont really know what i am doing but somehow it worked thank you

    2008-10-08 17:16:39

  • Does it matter which one i use? like what is the difference between internet.fido.ca and wap.fido.ca, or in what situation do i need to use one of that over the other? i currently just sign up for the umlimited windows mobile email plus 2mb of surfing, can you contact me back at taid_87@hotmail.com thanks alot

    2008-05-27 23:24:45

  • I have a bb8320 and i am with fido..what do i do to set up your above info isn't helping me

    2008-05-21 00:00:56

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