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If you follow the instructions here and use all of the examples it has, you can get it to work as well!

**note that with OpenBSD version >2.9, you need to put the nat rules at the top of your pf.conf.
Then, you can start pf at ppp linkup by adding this to your /etc/ppp/ppp.linkup (this is different then what the link says, since the version the page uses looks like 2.9)

! sh -c "/sbin/route del default"
! sh -c "/sbin/route add default HISADDR -mtu 1492"
! sh -c "/sbin/ifconfig pflog0 up"
! sh -c "/sbin/pfctl -e -l tun0 -F all -O aggressive -R /etc/pf.conf"

the first 2 add the default routes to your routing table, the 3rd starts pf logging, and the last starts your pf firewall rules.

after this, you can dial out using

route flush
ppp -ddial pppoe

You will be connected using the tun0 interface, not ppp0. Its ok, because it still works!

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