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Shareaza is a Peer-to-Peer client for Windows which allows you to download files of any type found on several popular P2P networks.
Since its release just last year, Shareaza has come to be recognized as one of the most innovative P2P applications, positioned at the cutting edge of new ideas and technologies. Until now, all of this energy has gone into making Shareaza the best Gnutella client. Along the way Gnutella had to be improved, so Shareaza developed and championed Gnutella2 now the most feature-rich file sharing-network in existence today. And the current public beta is just about finished and ready for prime time which brings many more features to Shareaza such as two more networks eDonkey2000 & BitTorrent!

These new networks haven't just been tacked on -- Shareaza has been redesigned as a true universal P2P client, able to take full advantage of all the resources available to it. When downloading a file, it can be swarmed from all connected networks simultaneously, automatically selecting the best fragmentation and partial verification schemes! The new upload system is extremely powerful, supporting complex user-defined queues to optimize sharing the most important files first.

Best of all - Shareaza is FREE & contains NO spyware or bundled products.

You can download Shareaza here, or if you have specific questions not answered by the BBR Filesharing forum or this FAQ you can go directly to the official Shareaza forums here.

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