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If the download is not green (status isn't verified) than the file has not been verified and will not be moved to the completed files folder until verified.

Alternatively, it may very well be that the download is still missing a few bytes - 20kb, 30kb at the end - and the download really isn't finished. In this situation patience will usually pay off, or you may want to try the above solution.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Question: when the status of a download reads 'Moving', but no new files appear in the target folder, and the status does not change even given any amount of time, what is the indicated action? Currently, all my completed downloads are 'Moving'...

    2009-10-12 08:05:19

  • This is not the solution. I downloaded a torrent and it contains a very long filenames, I assume Shareaza can't move to completed downloads folders, but how do I extract the single-file downloaded torrent???

    2007-10-21 08:58:10

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