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[General] DNS - Open Root-Server Confederation
Since it seems that many issues related to email, inability to load certain pages, etc, eventually are traced to problems with DNS, I've started using free DNS services from the Open Root-Server Confederation. They seem to have less trouble, and include all the new TLD (Top Level Domain) listings that many of the other DNS servers don't yet include. I've replaced the more usual with, and it works well. Here is a list of the servers available ... I chose the one I did because it appears to be the one closest to the NOC. For an explanation of how and why to use "alternative roots" go to support.open-rsc.org/[?] and for complete information on DNS and the Open Root-Server confederation, go to www.open-rsc.org/[?]

You can freely use any of these servers instead of your ISP's nameservers if you want to be able to see ALL the domain names on the net, not just the ones in the US Government controlled nameservers. You will, of course be able to see all the "old" domain names like .com, but you'll also be able to see all the ORSC new top level domains, too. If you need instructions on how to use these please see our instructions. (PS0.NS1.VRX.NET) - Toronto, ON, Canada (PS0.NS3.VRX.NET) - Richmond Hill, ON, Canada (PS0.NS2.VRX.NET) - Apopka, Fl (NL.PUBLIC.BASESERVERS.NET) - Nederlands (NS1.QUASAR.NET) - Orlando, FL, USA (ZOLIBORZ.ELEKTRON.PL) - Poland (NS1.JERKY.NET) - Boston, MA, USA (PAN.BIJT.NET) - The Netherlands

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • The following DNS Servers, were not found. (PS0.NS1.VRX.NET) - Toronto, ON, Canada (PS0.NS3.VRX.NET) - Richmond Hill, ON, Canada (PS0.NS2.VRX.NET) - Apopka, Fl (NL.PUBLIC.BASESERVERS.NET) - Nederlands (ZOLIBORZ.ELEKTRON.PL) - Poland (NS1.JERKY.NET) - Boston, MA, USA (PAN.BIJT.NET) - The Netherlands. I used the DNS from http://www.grc.com/dns/benchmark.htm PS. Please keep in mind, that I use verizon as my ISP.

    2009-05-27 13:55:51 (aefstoggaflm See Profile)

  • On Hughes, DNS is locked and will redirect to Hughes's DNS server if you try to use another service unless you mod the modem like I have. You may want to change this item to reflect that.

    2008-11-20 19:03:59

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