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This is a personal guide to improve the game play of Counter-Strike. I'm making this to contribute dslreports.com and for all the people who will read it. Feel free to edit all these useless comments ( like this one right here :p ).


Rates are the most important this to consider in counter-strike. You mainly have 3 variables, cl_updaterate cl_cmdrate and rate.

cl_updaterate is the packets per second that you send to a server. The higher the value, the best. People say using rates of 50 is fine. I don't think so. Unless you have a 56k modem, put this value: cl_updaterate 101.

cl_cmdrate should be set to the AVERAGE number of FPS you obtain while you play.

rate should be set to 25000 if you have 1mbit + connection.
Consider lowering the rates if you have a slow connection ( 56k~256k ).


First of all, make sure you are playing on Open_gl, i recommend a resolution of 800x600.

FPS is the Frames Per Second. Since counter-strike is based on a FPS system, I will spend some time on it.
You can view your FPS by typing net_graph 3 on the console.

Why do I have 60 fps and I know I have a really good video card ?

The answer to this question is because you probably have the V-Sync on. The V-sync basically limits your FPS to the frequency of your screen ( in hz ). Having it enabled, your FPS will be limited by that frequency. You have two choices. Either you Unable it, either you find a program that will set your hz to a superior value ( For Nvidia cards i recommend ReForce. Powerstrip for ATI cards. ).

Why are my fps 72 ?

Type fps_max 100 in the console.

If you want to tweak your graphic card in order to obtain higher FPS, use any search engine, you will find accurate results.

Thats all for the advanced customizing of counter-strike. I know that there are many variables that will affect your gaming experience, but this is a MUST.

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