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  • Kerberos is a hub owner tool. It can be used as a substitute for many scripts on a hub. It can check for useless files (windows and program files directories), sick porn, large VOB�s, min/max slots/shares, etc.
  • DirectConnect's Big Brother is a client checking bot for DirectConnect networks. It logs in to a DirectConnect Hub as a normal client. It can download filelists, check for forbidden files, client functionality (eg: answering search requests). Every detail is stored in a MySQL database.
  • DC Hub-Link allows multiple Direct Connect Hubs to be linked so that users connected to any of those hubs see all users on all linked hubs as part of a larger virtual hub. This is done by having a script in each Hub that interacts with the Hub-Link Bot. The Bot signs on to each of the Hubs as a "user" and relays activity between the hubs.
  • Angel Bot.  More info here
  • Evil Bot  More info here
  • Bacheca BOT

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