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The Canon Power Shot s50 is a 5MP digacam. It is a good digacam for beginners and intermediate users. You can go as high as 2,592 x 1,944 pixels. There is a RAW mode or can save as jpg. It has a 3x optical lens and a 4x digital zoom. You can go full auto mode or manual mode for more advanced users. You can make short videos with sound with this camera but I have yet to do that and may not ever. They give you a 32MB Compact Flash card but I would recommend getting a larger one like a 128MB since the high quality pictures take up a lot of space. One negative about this camera is the battery indicater. There doesn't seem to be one like other cameras. The battery low icon doesn't come on till the battery is very close to going dead. (Editor note: This battery indicator problem seems to be very common with canon digital cameras.) On the good side the battery life tends to be of the longer lasting type. At the time of this review 6/17/03 you can get this camera for $599 USD.

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