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A "Site Shot" is a small, thumbnail size image of a particular web page that can be inserted in your posts (premium users) here on the site.

You construct a site shot by using this coding in your post:
...where the URL is any valid one, including the »

Once posted, clicking on the image will take one to the website mentioned and pictured. Clicking on "enlarge" under the image will take one to the graphical snapshot at the time the post was created (frozen in time). The image that will appear looks like this:

If you use this feature here on DSLR, the image will appear as if the viewer was logged out of the site. Forums and information that are not available to all members will not be viewable.

If the site is "down," the viewer will see a red X instead of a "page cannot be displayed" message.

An already-existing siteshot can be inserted into an instant message (IM) by first using your mouse to hover over the existing siteshot, recording the number that will be visible in your taskbar, and then by using this coding:

»Site FAQ »Site Shots
Snapped 2003-06-27 21:08:32
...where 276 is the number you obtained from the first step.

Another way to do this: Create the siteshot in a forum post preview screen without actually posting it.

In your post, properly insert a site shot and hit "preview." Give it about 10-15 seconds and hit "preview" again. You should see your site shot in the preview window now. Mouse over the (enlarge) link, and it should show the png number in your status bar. Once you have the number, you can cancel out of the post without completing it.

You can then utilize the site shot wherever you need to.

Note: There is a period of time, approximately 24 hours, during which repeated shots of the same site will not "take." Only the original will show. After that time period, a new shot of the same site can be posted.

Want a site shot in your FAQ? If you generate a siteshot somewhere on the site, you can copy/paste the image address for use in a FAQ. Even if the post gets deleted, the image remains. You won't have the "enlarge" link, unless you add that in as well.

Thanks to Optimized for portions of this information.

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